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APE/A Graduate Program Application Procedure [pdf]
Download the APE/A Graduate Program Application Procedure for details of the application/admission policy.

Send inquiries related to the Ph.D. program in Adapted PE to Dr. Ronald Davis.

Ronald Davis, PhD
Adapted PE/Activity
Office: PH 119B
(940) 898-2589

General Requirements and Information

It is highly recommended that all students entering this specialization have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience.

Each doctoral candidate will present and complete a research project in at least two classes taken in the Adapted Physical Activity Core area. The presentation and research project will be evaluated with the departmental Adapted Physical Activity presentation or scholarship rubric form within each class.


1. Information throughout this program will be used as artifacts in an e-portfolio and matched with the general departmental, Adapted Physical Activity emphasis, and suggested national APA competencies (Jansma & Surburg, 1995).

2. Students will have the opportunity to take Statistics/Research comprehensive exams after completion of 12 hours of their required statistical research tools within their program (i.e., 5033, 6043, 6143).  The student will sit for their statistical/research design portion of their class comprehensive exams no later than the completion of the first 60 hours.  Students must pass the statistical/research design portion of the comprehensive exam before completion of additional components of the exams.


Basic KINS Requirements (22 hrs) 

  • KINS 5033 Applied Statistical Principles or equivalent
  • KINS 6043 Statistical Inference or equivalent
  • KINS 6143 Research Design in Kinesiology
  • KINS 6811 Seminar in Kinesiology (taken 3 times for a total of 3 credit hours: Teaching, Research, and Assistant Professorship)
  • KINS 6911 Independent Study – minimum of 4 hours taken during dissertation
  • KINS 6983 & 6993 Dissertation I & II

Additional Suggested Research Tools (9 hrs) 

  • SOCI 6203 Seminar on Research Methods
  • FS 6793 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Family Science
  • PSY 6863 Qualitative Research Methods & Program Evaluation

Adapted Physical Education/Activity Specialization Core (15 hrs) 

  • KINS 5603 Growth and Perceptual Motor Development
  • KINS 5843 Adapted Physical Education and the APENS Theory to Practice
  • KINS 5853 Assessment in Adapted Physical Education
  • KINS 5863 Pedagogy in Adapted Physical Education
  • KINS 5793 Enhancing Behavior and Performance in Physical Education

Required Pedagogy Core (9 hrs) 

  • KINS 6811 Independent Study, Advanced Research I, II, III (Doctoral Seminar) (3 x 1 credit)
  • KINS 5783 Learning and Teaching Styles in Physical Education and Sport (Fall only)
  • KINS 6911 College/University Pedagogy* (3 x 1 credit)

Adapted Physical Activity Electives (9+ hrs) 

  • KINS 5883 Disability and Sport
  • KINS 5903 Exercise Assessment and Program Development for Individuals with Disabilities
  • KINS 6133 Professional Internship (must be taken multiple times)

Minor/Related Area (18 hrs) 

Select minor/related area based on professional interest and/or proposed dissertation topic with the approval of advisory committee.  The basic requirement is that two of the courses within the minor/related area must be at the 6000 level or at the 5000 level and require a presentation and a scholarly project which will be evaluated by the Adapted Physical Activity presentation or scholarship rubric form within each class.

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