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The Sojourn of Health Education, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance at CIA, TSCW, and TWU

1903 Girls Industrial College (GIC)
All students enrolled in Physical Culture classes.
1903-10 Department of Education, Physical Culture, and Music
1905 College of Industrial Arts (CIA)
1910-14 Department of Music and Expression
Classes: exercise, gymnastics, rudimentary dance activities to: cultivate correct poise and good presence, health and beauty, and grace and care of manners
1914 Department of Physical Training. First full-time director/faculty
1916 Department of Physical Education
The broader and more enlightened concept of Physical Education as fundamental medium of the total education of the individual through physical and motor activities as opposed to the narrow concept of the physical training of the individual was so well established that the title of the department was changed
1916-26 1st and 2nd year students required to select four activities from: field hockey, basketball, tennis, cross-country, walks, athletic games, indoor baseball, calisthenics, apparatus work, villeyball, aesthetic dance, swimming and diving, an tether tennis. 
1921 Academic credit given for the above-mentioned courses. Any student excused from physical education by the college physician was rquired to earn additional hours of credit in English, history, mathematics, or science.
1921 Old Gym completed (contained swimming pool and track). First in state college/university. Added corrective/adapted physical education classes.
1924 Health exams and posture exams administered. Special reading assignment.
1925-26 Practical Health Eduation courses. No exemptions... adapted courses required where needed.
1934 Texas State College for Women (TSCW)
1936-73 Dr. Anne Schley Duggan came to TSCW as Department Head, later the first Dean of College of HPER.
1937-64 Units of Health Instruction required in all required classes
1957 Texas Woman's University (TWU)


1910 Department of Education, Physical Culture, and Music
1914 Department of Physical Training
1916 Department of Physical Education
1927 Department of Health and Physical Education
Late 1930s Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)
1954 College of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
1976 Departmentalization (Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physical Education)
1982 Added Dance to title of College - Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
1989 Department of Kinesiology in College of Health Sciences
Health Education to Department of Health Studies in College of Health Sciences
Dance to Dance Program in Department of Performing Arts in College of Arts and Sciences
Recreation to College of Education but eliminated two years later


1916 Professional Education for prospective teachers
1921 Two year diploma (could then teach and supervise playgrounds)
1922 Began first Bachelors degree. Mary Roberts first to graduate with BS.
1942 MA in Health and Physical Education
1954 PhD and EdD (HPER) (First time available in University - 1953)
1980 Undergraduate without teaching certification
1992 MS degree in Kinesiology (MA degree eliminated)

Deans of the College of HPER(D)

Anne Schley Dggan 1954-73 Appointed Director of HPER in 1936
Aileen Lockhart 1973-78
Marilyn Hinson 1978-82
Jane Mott 1982-83 Acting Dean during search for Dean
Ann Uhlir 1983-89 Became Dean of College of Health Sciences in 1989

Deans of the College of Health Sciences

Ann Uhlir 1989-96
Jean Pyfer 1996-96 Interim Dean
Jean Pyfer 1997-2004
Sally Schultz 2005 Interim Dean
Jmmy Ishee 2005-Present

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