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News from Spring 2010

APA Program News
Last year, Drs. Ron French, Ron Davis, and Lisa Silliman-French were awarded an $800,000 ($200,000 for the next 4 years) to prepare adapted physical educators at the Master’s level to teach students with low-incidence disabilities from the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. 

The Adapted Physical Activity club participated and supported the Autism walk in the Fall.  Further they continue to volunteer at numerous sporting activities for individuals with disabilities within the community (e.g., wheelchair rugby tournament, golf, gymnastics).

The Adapted Physical Activity program and the Special Education Department held their second wheelchair soccer tournament.  Each semester students and faculty from each of the 2 departments challenge each other in a wheelchair soccer match.  Currently the APA team leads 2 games to 0.  A plaque is passed back and forth between departments depending on who has the winning scores for the semester.

The students studying disability sports have completed 4 demonstration events, 2 on campus and 2 in the public schools. The sports of wheelchair soccer and basketball have been presented to Strickland Middle School and Denton High School with great success.  The same two sports were part of an all campus event that hosted players with and without disabilities from TWU, TCU and UTA for an evening of sporting excitement. 

This spring students in the Adapted Physical Activity program will work with Strickland Middle School and the textbook publisher Human Kinetics to complete filming for a sports DVD project.  The DVD will support a text book written by Dr. Davis to help physical educators teach disability sport in their classes.

Students at the Master’s and Doctoral level are conducting action research in most of the physical activity classes.  Many of the student present their final research projects as a research poster at the Kinesiology Departmental and/or University Student Research Symposium.


News from Summer 2009

Dr. Charlotte (Barney) Sanborn
This summer (2009) I will be attending McLean and Cheryl's graduation for medical school at A&M. I will also be visiting Caitie in Prague. This past year I was awarded the Scholar Award for TAHPERD and the Scholar Award for ACSM.

Dr. Bettye Myers
My experience as parliamentarian for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (American Airlines Flight Attendant's Union) has been a real educational experience.

I am looking forward to my three weeks of volunteer work at The Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France again this summer.

Muffin Myers IV and her Arkansas cousin, Pretty Girl (the Brittney Spaniel we adopted), are all in good "fettle" and going to the Gulf for their usual 10-day vacation.

Dr. Kyle Biggerstaff
Our research group focusing on exercise and lipoprotein metabolism has recently published several documents.  We published a chapter on Hyperlipidemia and Dyslipidemia in the second edition of Clinical Exercise Physiology.  This text is used as reference material for individuals seeking clinical certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  We have also published a research article titled, “Response of Lipid, Lipoprotein-Cholesterol, and Electrophoretic Characteristics of Lipoproteins Following a Single Bout of Aerobic Exercise in Women” in the  European Journal of Applied Physiology.  Very recently another research manuscript, "Responses of LDL and HDL Particle Size and Distribution to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation and Aerobic Exercise", was accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Physiology.  Our lab is continuing to pursue a better understanding of the role of acute exercise in lipoprotein metabolism.  I also continue to remain active in the leadership of the Texas Regional Chapter of the ACSM as the Regional Chapter Representative to the ACSM.

This summer I will spend some much anticipated relaxation time with my wife and three children.  We will be camping for over a week in Rocky Mountain National Park.  The mountain trails and tree line are calling my feet for some overdue hiking.  We will also be visiting family in west Texas and “tubing” in the Hill Country on the Frio River.  As always, I enjoy playing guitar (or as some would say, “making noise”) with friends as often as possible.

Dr. Ron Davis, Dr. Ron French, Dr. Lisa Silliman-French (APA Program news)
Since we do not have state certification in adapted physical education, the adapted physical activity faculty are in the process of obtaining baccalaureate and post baccalaureate TWU certification which will be recognized on the students transcript. The adapted physical activity students have just successfully completed the second annual TWU wheelchair basketball tournament.

Sharon Tiffany Bowers, a product of the TWU APA program, was just awarded the Teacher of the Year in her department at Louisiana Tech.

Presently, an application has been submitted to the Office of Student Life to sponsor the APA Club as an offical on-campus Club. The faculty sponsor will be Dr. Lisa Silliman-French. Students already in the club have ben to Norway to study APA programs there, and are soon to leave for the Lake Shore Foundation in Alabama to see their work with the disabled persons, including veterans.

The faculty are soliciting information related to APA to be included in their Project INSPIRE web pages. The focus is on autism, disabled sports, fitness and college pedagogy.

Graduate students recently made two adapted sports presentations to Denton ISD in wheelchair basketball and wheelchair soccer. Dallas Jackson won the National APAC award for APA Doctoral Student of the Year. Seokmin Yun won the ARC Denton County APE Support Person of the Year.

Dr. Sally Ford
Dr. Sally Ford will be going to Honduras for 5 days at the end of May to work with Honduran Olympic Federation Coaches. She will be staying in the Honduras Olympic Village working with various athletes in the area of speed training.

Dr. Sally Ford will also be attending the Texas High School Coaches Association Conference and the Texas Girl’s Coaches Association Conference in July to market the new masters program in Coaching and the new masters program in Sport Management.

On a personal note, Dr. Ford will also be going to Phoenix to visit my daughter and watch her coach her national level club volleyball team.

Dr. David Nichols
Dr. Nichols will be attending the ACSM conference in Seattle, WA May 27-May 30.

At some point this summer David will take a vacation but at this point he has not yet decided where he will go, when he will go, or what he will do.

Evidently a handyman, Dr. Nichols has several home projects planned for the summer, including install a new kitchen window, installing pull-out racks in his kitchen cabinets and building a new entertainment center

Beth Palmer
Received her MBA in May 2008. As a member of the Texas State Guard, Beth was activated for both Hurricane Ike and Gustav in Fall 2009. Beth has been elected as the TAHPERD Vice-President College Division 2009-2011, and attended the TAHPERD AIM Conference in February 2009 and TAHPERD Convention Planning and Board Meeting in Arlington, April 23 – 25.

Beth made a poster presentation with Yin-Feng Chen and Kuo-Wei Lee, April 2009, entitled “The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 on the Professional Sports Industry.” Beth also attended the AIM Planning Committee Meeting 2010 in Austin on May 22, and the 2009 Southern District Leadership Conference-Myrtle Beach, SC on June 26-27, 2009.

Dr. Kim Miloch
Dr. Miloch will spend the summer writing her second textbook Sport Marketing: Sales and Service Management in Sport. She and her husband have also planned several daytrips in the region for themselves and their 2 year old daughter.

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