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Youth Baseball players and Dr. Sally FordThe coursework provides information that is pertinent to the coaching profession.  The courses offered in the program will help to prepare men and women coaches to be high level professionals in their field.  This program is founded on the need to prepare, at the post-graduate level, quality coaches for leadership roles to meet the challenging demands of coaching in the 21st century.  The program is a 36-credit, non-thesis option curriculum emphasizing the development of skills, techniques, and concepts necessary to become a master coach.  This is an online program, except for a 2-day on the TWU campus workshop during one summer semester.

Click here to view the course requirements of the Coaching MS Degree Programs.

For information, contact Dr. Mark Mann:

Mark Mann, Ph.D.

Mark Mann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Coordinator, Sport Coaching
Office: PH 208K
(940) 898-2578

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