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Every Friday morning during the Spring and Fall semesters, TWU’s gymnasium, pool, and rock climbing wall are filled with the smiling faces of special education students from Denton Independent School District (DISD). The class is KINS 2621 Introduction to Adapted Physical Activity (APA) Practicum. Undergraduate kinesiology majors get paired with a student from DISD and practice assessments, writing lesson plans, and working on their teaching skills. The class is a collaborative effort between undergraduate and graduate courses here at TWU. Not only due undergraduates participate, but APA master students facilitate the program and assist with instruction and organization. The undergraduate course is paired with an Introduction to APA lecture which discusses theory, teaching strategies, and behavior management approaches for students with disabilities. The practicum has been serving DISD students every Friday since the early 1990’s, not only do the DISD students get a chance to increase their physical activity levels and learn new skills (i.e., rock climbing and swimming) but the undergraduate students get firsthand practical experience on teaching and modifying physical activities for students with disabilities.

For more information about the APA program, contact Dr. Ron French (

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