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About the Go Centers

A Go Center is a college and career information center primarily located in high schools.

The center focuses on creating a college-going culture and promotes college awareness and accessibility.

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We currently have 16 Go Centers which are supported by TWU G-Force mentors during the fall semester (September-November) and spring semester (February-April).

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Go Center History

TWU G-ForceIn 2001, the 77th Legislature adopted Closing the Gaps, a proactive plan designed in part to increase Texans’ participation and success in higher education.

As a result, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board launched College for Texans, a marketing and outreach initiative in 2002 with the slogan “Education. GO Get It.” The goal of the campaign is to enroll 630,000 academically prepared students by 2015, 430,000 beyond the 200,000 expected to attend college at current rates. Part of the campaign strategy is reaching these students by building strong partnerships in communities across Texas.

TWU has a history of supporting postsecondary educational opportunities for groups that have been traditionally under-represented in higher education including the economically disadvantaged, first-generation college students, Hispanic and/or African-American students. This commitment is evidenced by TWU's ranking as the highest among Texas public institutions in the graduation of first generation-college students (approximately 59%) and by the highly diverse enrollment (almost 40% minority). The University is committed to pursuing the highest level of academic success and excellence.

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