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The Sophomore Year Community (SYC) is a collaborative initiative between the Office of Intercultural Services and University Housing in an effort to continue providing academic and social support to students in the living learning community program. Students in the program apply and are selected in the spring semester of their freshman year. They receive all benefits available to LLC students while participating in programs targeted towards the needs and demands of sophomore students.

The SYC program provides an integration of campus resources focusing on elements that will enhance participants’ ongoing transition and success in college. Community members will reside in Guinn Hall and will hold a contract agreement to monitor their involvement and success throughout the year. The ultimate goal of the program is to enhance student learning with the desire outcomes of improved retention and student well-being.

Program Model

  • Personal and Professional Development - utilizing various student life departments such as Counseling Services, Career Services, and Academic Affairs
  • Community Engagement - utilizing various campus and community resources such as the Center for Student Development and the City of Denton
  • Cultural Appreciation and Diversity Education - utilizing various campus resources including a partnership with the Office of Intercultural Services
  • Leadership Involvement - utilizing the Leadership Institute, SGA, and RHA

SYC Mentoring Program

The SYC Mentoring Program is a peer mentoring program designed to offer academic and social assistance and transition to incoming students utilizing SYC students as peer mentors. Mentees in SYC are students admitted to TWU under provisional status who have a high desire to succeed at the institution and meet their personal and professional goals. Mentees will enroll in the SYC designated section of UNIV 1231: Contemporary Learning in Higher Education and participate in programs designed to assist in achieving personal and academic success. Students in the program may be residential or commuter students and will be assigned a peer mentor for the academic year. Program participation is limited to 25 students.

Program Eligibility

  • Admitted under provisional status to the institution and planning to enroll in the fall semester of the upcoming academic year
  • Full-time enrollment status taking at least 12 hours at TWU
  • Desire to be mentored and a need for academic and social support


  • SYC mentees may not be a member of another learning community.
  • All mentees participating in the SYC Mentoring Program will be required to enroll in the University 1231: Contemporary Learning in Higher Education course, a one-hour credit course focusing on success tools for undergraduate study.  


SYC Mentoring Program-Mentee Application

Priority Application Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014

Applications received after the priority deadline will still be considered until all spots are filled.  


For more information, contact:

Becky Rodriguez
Office of Intercultural Services
Jones Hall, Suite 200
(940) 898-3679

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