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This is a description of the assignment students had to complete for the KINS 5883 course on Disability Sport and Modified Games and one student group's work.

Kin 5883 - 01

Disability Sport and Modified Games

You will be paired with another classmate to form a coaching staff for a WC Basketball Team that will compete in a tournament later in the semester.

You will be required to promote the tournament and recruit students to play on your team. We will decide on tournament format, rules, etc. later, however, due to limited resources the competition will have to be 3 on 3.

Once you recruit your players you will be responsible for conducting practice sessions which will lead up to the competition date.  Selection of players can come from UG students and faculty, however, all players must attend a designated number of practices before being allowed to play.

Coaches will split time coaching their team and refereeing the games during the tournament; specific assignments and rotations will be established as the tournament date draws near.

We will need to discuss the details surrounding this event that will impact its success (i.e., promotion, evaluation, video, scorers table, etc.)

This project will result in the development of a Coaching Manual.  Contents of the manual will be discussed and updated throughout the semester.  Final product will be due one week following the 3 on 3 tournament. A rubric will be developed for evaluation.

Coaching Manual for wheelchair basketball team project.

Playbook associated with the coaching manual.

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