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Coaching Adult Volleyball

Wheelchair Volleyball

Coaching Tips

  • Develop realistic goals to be accomplished by end of the season   

  • Develop short term objectives to meet the goals

  • Provide repetition

  • Do not soften attitude

  • Prepare challenging practices

Drill 1 - 21 Pick up

One coach, one ball hander, and several shaggers. This drill is a fast paced drill and can be used as a conditioning drill. Three passers are situated in the back row of the court. The coach will hit the ball to one player who will attempt to pass the ball directly back to the coach. After the player passes the ball, he/she will wheel two quick pushes backwards and then return back to the same position. When the coach receives the ball, he/she will hit the ball to the next player. The process continues until the three players as a group have passed 21 good passes up to the coach.

Drill 2 - Continuous 3 on 3

Two teams start out on the court. One team serves to the opposing team. Whose ever team loses the ball is off the court and then the winning team either stays on the same court or moves to the far end court which is designated as the winning court. Once the team has moved the other court, the next team serves and attempts to score so they can move to the winning court. The team with the most points at the end of 10 minutes is the champion team.

Variation: Have a coach stand on the sideline throwing the ball over the net instead of the players serving the ball. This drill can also be used as a conditioning drill.

Drill 3 - Go and Save

Coach stands in front of net. Players are lined up behind one another on the left side of the court in the baseline corner, opposite the coach. When the coach slaps the ball, the player must wheel across the court (moving to the right) to pass the ball that the coach tossed off the court, onto the court so that the ball could be saved and put back into play.

Variation: Allow the ball to bounce only one time.

Drill 4 Conditioning

Circuits that consist of:

  • Pushups from a wheelchair or bench pushups
  • Sprints (long and short)
  • Backwards movement sprints
  • Changing directions
  • 30 second spikes
  • Mini sets against the wall


USA Volleyball for the Disabled

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