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Coaching Adolescent Volleyball

Wheelchair Volleyball (Ages 12-18)
 Coaching Tips

  • Have players make up drills so they fill they have a little power

  • Allow more practice time in drills

Drill 1 - Passing (Bumping)

Divide players into 2 groups, one in front of the other. The first player tosses the ball to the first player in the second group. The player bumps the ball the second player in the other group and so. The object of the game is to try to bump the ball continuously back and forth as many times as possible without the ball touching the floor. You can also use this drill with setting.

Progressive Variation: Allow the ball to hit the floor one time before passing it.

Drill 2 - Serve Return

Divide team into two groups. Four players on one side and the rest of the team on the other side as servers. The four players are on the floor so that 3 are passers and one is a setter in the setting position. Once the ball is served, the players attempt to bump, set, and spike the ball back over. Team remains on the floor until everyone has served. Then switch the four players. Continue drill until each player plays all positions.

Progressive Variation: Allow ball to bounce once then work up to not having the ball bounce at all.

Drill 3 - Position Serving

Each player is to serve to a designated area 5 times. The positions to focus on are down-the-line, deep middle, cross-court, short (10 foot line). Have players work in close then move back to serving line. Place a square or an object in each designated area to remind students where they are supposed to serve and so they are aware of whether their ball is served to that area.

Drill 4 - Spiking

A coach stands at the setter position and tosses the ball to each hitting position. The players are placed behind the 10 foot line and attempt to spike the ball over the net. After the player spikes, the player retrieves the ball and goes to a different line and attempts another spike.

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