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Coaching Youth Soccer

Soccer player with crutchCoaching Tips

  • Develop team spirit so that each participant feels a belonging to the team

  • Work within an enjoyable and fun atmosphere

  • Allow every child to participate

  • Develop realistic goals to be accomplished by end of the season        

  • Develop short term objectives to meet the goals

  • Be patient

  • Provide repetition

  • Structure the setting by using markers such as tape, cones, flags or spots

  • Assign a buddy

  • Use a variety of balls (i.e. beach balls, playground balls, soccer balls)

Drill 1 - Trapping & Instep Kick (Circle Drill)

Everyone forms a circle. One player starts with the ball and kicks the ball using the inside of instep kick to another player on the other side of the circle. The player who receives the ball traps the ball using either the sole trap or side of foot trap. Continue drill until everyone has a chance to trap and kick. Set boundaries so players do not run outside of those lines.

Wheelchair: Have players roll the ball to other players on the opposite side of the circle. When receiving the ball have the player use to foot rest to stop or control the ball.

Drill 2 - Accuracy Kick

Kicking the ball into a goal 5 feet away. Each player is allowed 3 kicks. A score is kept by giving 3 points if the ball is scored into the goal, 2 points if the ball hits the cone or goal but does not pass through the goal, and 1 point if the ball is kicked in the direction of the goal but does not reach the goal. At the end add up all the scores and have the players try and beat that score the next times.

Wheelchair: Have players throw or roll the ball in the goal so that the ball enters the goal no higher than 3 feet.

Drill 3 - Heading

When doing this drill use a variety of balls. A beach ball may be a better to choice to start with in beginning drills. Make several groups of 3-4 players. Have one player throw the ball in the air and have another player try and head the ball back to the thrower. After the players practice heading the ball from the thrower, have the players try and keep ball in the air by only using their heads. Go for a short period of time and then have the person with the ball move to another group.

Do not allow players with conditions such as traumatic brain injury or atlantoaxial instability to head balls. Allow them to use their hands or feet.

Drill 4 - Shielding

Majority of the players have a soccer ball and three players do not. The players without a ball try to kick the soccer balls out from the other players. The players with the soccer balls try to shield the ball by using their body. These players are trying to keep the ball within their control and possession. This drill should be done within a specific time limit of 1-2 minutes then switch players with soccer balls with the players without soccer balls.


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