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Coaching Adolescent Soccer

Adapted wheelchair soccerCoaching Soccer (Ages 12-18)

Coaching Tips

  • Add goals and goalies to drills

  • Have players make up drills so they fill they have a little power

  • Decrease size of field the players are working on for more focus is on controlling the ball

  • Allow more practice time in drills

Drill 1 - One vs. Two Players

Two players attempt to keep the ball away from the third player. If player 3 touches the ball, the opposing player who last touched it changes position with him. Add a goal behind the defensive player and require the two offensive players to move in and attempt to score. Add offensive and defensive players.

Drill 2 - Give and Go

Divide players into groups of three. Player A is in the goal. Player B has the ball and stands about forty feet from the goal. Player C stands about twenty feet from the goal. Player B passes to C, then runs forward. Player C traps the ball, then passes it to oncoming B, who attempts to shoot the ball through the goal. Use markers so that each player will know where to run. Add a defensive player to check B. Add a defensive player to check C.

Drill 3 Over Arm Throw

The player with the ball stands behind a cone and two-hand overhand throws the ball to an offensive player who attempts to either head the ball or kick the ball into a goal from 15 feet away. Divide the team into groups of 3 or 4. Add defensive players to check the offensive player or the throw-in player.


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