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Hip Width:
Use this to figure seat width if it is the widest point

Widest Point:
Measure the widest area across the lower extremities if different from the hip width. This may influence seat width or arm style.

Chest Width:
Measure the widest point of the thorax just below the arm pit. This measurement may influence system width or back width.

Heel to Knee:
Use this for leg rest extensions and seat height.

SRP to Knee (Seat Reference Point to Knee):
This will determine the seat depth

Elbow to SRP (Elbow to Seat Reference Point):
Measure this width with the arm in a 90 degree angle at the elbow and the shoulder in a neutral position.

Shoulder Height:
This will determine the height and the style of the back panel or the start for a custom back.

 Head Height:
This will help determine the proper headrest height.

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