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One of our course assignments for our PhD students is to write a grant proposal that is related to recreation or sport for individuals with disabilities. These examples are of two proposals drafted by our students Luis Columna and Nancy Bridenthrall. These students used actual New Faculty Proposal guidelines for the assignment. Both students plan to submit these proposals at their universities of employment.

Grant Example 1

AIMS: Aquatics for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (.pdf)

Grant Example 2

Aquatic Program for Children with Disabilities (.pdf)

Aquatic Program for Children with Disabilities associated documentation (.pdf)

Training Programs

Students in the Masters program developed training programs for athletes with disabilities base on literature review and minimal practical experience. These programs are meant to be offered as samples to generate actual training plans. Goal ball was written by Sarah Hirsh and Wheelchair Basketball was submitted by Ajay Vasani.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball training program (.pdf)


Goalball training program (.pdf)

Goalball training associated documentation (.pdf)

Goalball training example calendar (excel document)


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