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Coaching Adult Basketball

Wheelchair basketball athletesCoaching Tips

  • Be a motivator

  • Be consistent

  • Continue to teach/review fundamentals

  • Teach a winning attitude

  • Push athletes to do their best

Drill 1 - Turning and Pivoting

While moving slowly or no movement at all, the athlete puts both hands on either wheel with their arms extended. To execute the turn, one hand pulls one wheel forcefully, while the other hand pushes the other wheel forcefully. This creates the turning of the wheelchair. The athlete may want to lean forward in the wheelchair to maintain balance. The athlete needs to become comfortable with this type of maneuvering of the wheelchair.

Drill 2 - Moving Backwards

Starting on the baseline, the athlete wheels forward as fast as possible to half-court. At this point, the athlete performs a turn (pivot) and wheels backwards to the other baseline as fast as possible. This drill works on wheeling forward, pivoting and wheeling backwards.

Drill 3 - Shooting

This is a drill for the athlete to work on shooting. The athlete shoots the ball from anywhere on the floor. Once the athlete shoots the ball, he/she follows the shot to the basket to rebound the ball. If the athlete misses, he/she rebounds the ball and goes in to shoot a lay-up. If the athlete makes the shot, the ball is rebounded and the athlete wheels out to take another shot from a different spot.

Drill 4 - Conditioning

Two athletes are needed for this drill. One athlete grasps the back posts of the athlete’s chair in front of them. The athlete in front wheels down the floor as quickly as possible, pulling the other athlete. Once at the other end of the court, the athletes switch positions.

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