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Coaching Youth Volleyball

Coaching Tips

  • Use a softer, lighter ball and gradually progress to a standard volleyball (balloon, beach ball, nerf volleyball, volleyball trainer, regulation volleyball) if necessary.
  • Allow the player to serve from the middle of the court.
  • Start with the net at a lower position so players can be successful.
  • Allow the player with the disability to catch the ball, then throw it.

Drill 1 - Passing (Bumping)

Divide into groups of 2 and see how long the players can volley the ball/balloon to themselves, using both arms or just one arm, without it touching the floor. Volley the ball/balloon to your partner. Have the players see how many times they can continuously pass the ball back and forth to each other.

Variation: Use the same drill with setting.

Drill 2 - Serving

Arrange partners on opposite sides of the net. Have partners throw ball over the net to start as a warm up. Have players underhand serve or overhand serve, depending on the ability of the child, 5 feet from the net. Each serve that goes over the net, the child takes a step backwards until the child is reaches the serving line.

Drill 3 - Hit the Square

The leader stands 3 feet behind the square. The square is placed approximately 15 feet in front of passer. The leader tosses the ball to the player. The player attempts to bump the ball into the square. Rotate each player from passer to shagger to leader.

Variation: This drill can also be used by setting the ball into the square.

Drill 4 - Playing out the Serve

Divide team into 2 teams. One team is the serving team and the other team is the receiving team. One person from the serving team serves the ball from a distance where he/she can get the ball over the net. Allow three attempts. The receiving team attempts to volley the ball back over the net without letting the ball touch the floor on their side. If the ball hits the floor before it is returned, then the serving team receives a point. If the receiving team returns the ball, then the receiving team earns a point. Switch roles after everyone has served.

Modifications: Allow more than three hits before the ball is returned.

Wheelchair: Allow the player to catch the ball (if necessary) then throw it to another teammate or over the net. 


USA Volleyball for the Disabled

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