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Coaching Adult Soccer

Indoor wheelchair soccerSoccer for Amputee or Wheelchair Athletes

Coaching Tips

  • Develop realistic goals to be accomplished by end of the season        

  • Develop short term objectives to meet the goals

  • Provide repetition

  • Do not soften attitude

  • Prepare challenging practices

Drill 1 - Change Soccer

Three players on each team are goalies, three offensive players, and three defensive players. The object of the game is to stay on offense. If the offensive team kicks the ball into the goal area and scores, then everyone stays in the same position. If offense kicks the ball and the goalies catch the ball then the goalies become offense, the defense becomes the goalies, and the offense becomes defense. If defense stills the ball from the offense then offense and defense switch.

The size of the playing area is reduced so there is better chance for everyone to be involved. If there are extra teams waiting, have the teams step in as the next goalies and defense steps off.

Wheelchair: Have players throw the ball to the goal. A goal only counts if the ball is below the level of a person's head.

Drill 2 - Goal Kicks

Either a player a coach can stand in the middle of the field with a ball. Players line up 30 feet from the goal. On the coaches command the player moves forward. While the player is moving forward, the coach rolls the ball in front of the moving player and the player attempts to kick the ball into the goal.

Wheelchair: Coach throws the ball to the player and the player catches the ball and attempts to throw the ball into the goal.

Variation: Add a goalie and a defense player.

Drill 3 - Heading and Volleying

Do not allow players with conditions such as traumatic brain injury or atlantoaxial instability to head balls. Allow them to use their hands or feet. Two lines facing each other. One line heads the ball, the other line volleys the ball. Continuous motion back and forth to see how many times each line can do this without dropping the ball or go for time.

Variation: Allow the ball to bounce only one time.

Drill 4 - Conditioning

Circuits that consist of:

  • Pushups from a wheelchair or bench pushups

  • Sprints (long and short)

  • Backwards movement sprints

  • Changing directions

  • Agility training

*these drills can be modified for individuals with disabilities

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