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What if my Pioneer Card is lost or stolen?
  • Report the card lost to ID Services immediately at 940-898-3565.

How can I check my balance?

  • Your remaining balance is printed on your receipt after each purchase, or contact ID Services.

How much does a replacement ID cost?

  • ID replacement fee is $25.00. For Students, this fee can either be paid by credit card or applied to your student account and paid through your student billing portal. For more detailed instructions please visit our Replacement ID page. 

Why am I charged an ID Fee each semester?

  • The ID fee on your semester charge contributes to the upkeep and maintenance for the ID Systems.

Where do I get my ID?

  • Denton - 3rd Floor Mary Gibbs Jones Hall
  • Institute of Health Sciences Dallas Campus 3rd floor Student Life Suite
  • Houston Campus - 2nd Floor Office of Student Life

Why do I need an ID?

  • To positively identify you as a student, faculty or staff.

If I report my card lost, can you reactivate it if I find it?

  • If we have not already issued a new card, we can remove your ID from lost status.

Why can't I have 2 ID cards?

  • For the protection of the cardholder, we limit the card to one. Our system recognizes a single issue code per cardholder.

Do you issue ID cards for the purpose of identification?

  • No, your ID can not be considered an official form of identification.

I am a distance education student. How do I get my ID?

  • We send out your ID to the address on file.

Can a friend use my ID to make purchases?

  • No. ID's are issued to a single person and are non-transferrable for the protection of the cardholder and their funds.

If I purchase a Copy Card at a Value Port, and put money on it, am I limited to using it for copies?

  • No. The Copy Card becomes a prepaid debit card that can be used at any location on campus that Pioneer Dollars are accepted.

page last updated 1/20/2017 4:24 PM