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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Staff Employment Policies & Practices: Types of Staff Employment

Regular Employee is defined as one who is employed to work one-half time or more for a period of at least four and one-half months, excluding students employed in positions which require student status as a condition of employment. Regular employees are eligible for University benefits, i.e., vacation, sick leave, holidays with pay, and insurance, and must participate in a retirement program. Regular employment may be:

l. Full-time--with a normal schedule of forty hours per week, or
2. Part-time--with a normal schedule of at least 20 but less than forty hours per week.

A Temporary Employee is defined as one who is employed to work less than four and one-half months. Temporary assignments are usually seasonal in nature and may include periods during student registration, vacation and holiday relief, and emergency assistance. Temporary employees are not eligible for University benefits.

All employees are paid on a monthly basis.  All employees are paid on the first working day of the month following the earning period unless that day is a national holiday.  If the first working day of a month is a national holiday, payments will be electronically deposited on the following day.

Paychecks for employees without direct deposit will be mailed on the last day of the prior month.  These paychecks will be dated on payday and can not be cashed or deposited prior to payday.

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