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HR Operating and Related University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The HR Operating Policies listed below (left column) are periodically reviewed and updated by the Office of Human Resources.  Please contact the Office of Human Resources should you have any questions about any of these guidelines/polices.

Additional University policies (right column) are located in the University Policy Manual.  HR related policies from the University Manual are included below for your convenience (Please note that you will need to log into your Portal account to view some of the policies in the University Policy Manual).

Human Resource information contained on the World Wide Web is in no way to be interpreted as a contract between Texas Woman's University and any of its employees or others. This information is provided as a service to the TWU community and is subject to change or repeal by TWU from time to time without prior notice.

HR Operating & HR Related University Policies

Personnel Administrative
Advertising Staff Positions, 3.32 Contract Workforce, 2.29
Americans with Disabilities Act, 3.14 Fraud & Fraudulent Activities, 2.07
Employee Moving Expenses, 3.06

Inclement Weather Emergency Conditions, 2.02

Employment At-Will, 3.13

Employees Enrolling for TWU Courses, 3.38 Faculty

Employment of Staff Employees as Adjunct Faculty, 3.36

Employment for Part-Time Faculty, 5.21
Employment for Security Sensitive Positions, 3.29 Faculty Compensation, 5.22

Equal Access for People with Disabilities, 3.18

Faculty Consulting, Outside Employment & Conflict of Interest, 5.06

Ethics Policy for Employees, 3.02

Faculty Evaluations, Promotions and Tenure, 5.18

Faculty Sick Leave, 3.03

Faculty Grievances, 5.11
Family and Medical Leave, 3.24 Faculty Standards of Conduct/Corrective Action Guidelines, 5.23
Grievance Procedures Related to Title IX, 3.37 Hiring Faculty Residing Outside of Texas, 5.26
Hiring Tem Non-Faculty Employees, 3.25 Retirement Teaching Options, 5.05
Interim Pay - Professional & Administrative Staff, 3.31 Salary for Administrators Returning to Faculty, 5.13
Military Leave, 3.15 Summer School Employment, 5.09
Nondiscrimination/EEO, 3.04
Non-Faculty Administrative Leave & Inclement Weather Leave, 3.31 Facilites
Protecting Confidentiality of Scial Security Numbers, 3.19  Smoke Free Policy, 7.10
Reduction in Force (RIF), 3.10
Return-to-Work Program, 3.26 & 3.27
Return to Work TRS Retirees & TRS-Care Surcharges, 3.22 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 6.06
Staff Employee Promotions, Transfers, and Demotions, 3.30 Occupational/Environment Safety and Health, 6.02
Sexual Harassment, 3.05
Sick Leave Pool and Sick Leave Exception, 3.12 Technology
Staff Attendance, Vacation and Sick Leave, 3.17 Computer and Software Use, 9.06
Supplemental Task Payment, 3.21
Volunteer Firefighters Leave with Pay, 3.16
Volunteer Participation, 3.07

Policies in Review

Awards for Staff Employees

Drug and Alcohol Testing for TWU Drivers of Commercial Vehicles, 50.30

Drug-Free Workplace, 2.38

Hiring Temporary Non-Faculty, Non-Student Employees 3.25

Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and Tax Deffered Accounts (TDA) Policy

Overtime/Compensatory Time for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff

Selective Service System Registration, 3.42

Staff Employee Performance Management 3.30

Standards of Conduct, Discipline-for Non-Faculty

Time Reporting for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants, and Hourly 3.30

Training and Development 3.45

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