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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employee Benefits: Holidays

Regular Full-time and Regular Part-time staff employees are entitled to the number of holidays set by the Texas Legislature for State Agencies. The University's holiday schedule is determined by the Chancellor and President and is generally published in the spring each year. Education institutions have the authority to adjust the holiday schedule to prevent disruption of services and to maximize energy conservation. The number of holidays vary depending upon state legislation and the actual calendar.

A regular hourly employee is entitled to the same holidays with pay as a regular monthly employee. An employee must be a state employee (and not on leave without pay status) on the last day before, and the first work-day after, the state holiday in order to receive holiday pay. An employee working an irregular schedule during a workweek in which a holiday occurs shall be entitled to the same number of holiday hours as an employee working the schedule which is normal for most University employees.

When a scheduled holiday falls on a regularly assigned day-off for an employee, he or she shall be given equal compensatory time off. An employee required to work on a holiday shall be given compensatory time off to be taken on a date mutually agreed upon by the employee and supervisor.

If a holiday occurs while an employee is on paid sick leave or vacation, it will be charged as a holiday, not as leave time. An employee who is on leave without pay is not eligible for pay for a holiday.

If a terminating employee's last day of duty (last physical day on the job) immediately precedes a scheduled holiday, he or she will be paid for the holiday(s). In such a case, the employee must work his or her regular schedule on the last day of duty (or utilize accrued vacation or compensatory time), and the holiday(s) must begin on what would normally be the next work day.

A terminating employee will receive a lump sum payment for unused accrued vacation leave, and overtime.

Please visit the Office Human Resources' web site to view the current Holiday Schedule.

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