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Texas Woman's University Staff Handbook
Employee Benefits: Taking TWU Classes During Working Hours

The privilege of taking one course during the workday is subject to the approval of the supervisor. Because of University staffing and heavy workloads, employees may not be able to enroll in coursework each semester during work time. The University will normally require the time away from the work station to be made up within the same week.

As with all non-exempt employees, time off from work to attend class must be reported on the employee's time sheet. Class time will not be included in the calculation of overtime and comp time.

Subject to approval of the supervisor, a full-time employee may take a maximum of three hours off per work week to attend class (including a maximum of three hours off work per work week during the summer) and will be required to make up the time away from the work station. Time off work in excess of three hours per week to attend class requires vice presidential approval and must be made up or applied to vacation time.

Budget restrictions, work scheduling, and efficient department operations will be considered in granting time off for classes. Where two employees within a department desire the same time off or to enroll in the same course, the individual with the most seniority will be selected if only one employee can be permitted to be away from the department.

Employees may enroll in any number of courses outside their regular working hours, provided that the coursework does not detract from the job performance at the Texas Woman's University. Because of regular work obligations, an employee should carefully weigh taking a large number of courses concurrently.

When conflicts arise, the interest of the University must take first priority. Questions should be referred to the Office of Human Resources. All questions concerning the status in enrolling in college course work should be answered prior to registration.

For more information see the TWU HR operating policy 50.13 on "Employees Enrolling for TWU Courses."

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