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Introduction to the New Staff Performance Evaluation System

The TWU Staff Performance Evaluation Project included a review of the current performance evaluation plan with the charge to offer a recommendation to Cabinet regarding a streamlined, efficient process that can be effectively and equitably linked to compensation. To facilitate this goal, two staff groups of 13 members each were appointed to serve on the Classified and the Professional & Administrative committees.

As a result of the committees’ work, it is now time to introduce the new staff performance evaluation system.  Training will occur in phases.  Phase 1 Training will include an overview of the committees’ work, an overview of the new forms developed by the committee, an introduction to the pay for performance concept and tools to complete employee goals.

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Staff Performance Evaluation Implementation Recorded Sessions:

Employee Session

Supervisor Session

 History and Background

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Last fall a town hall meeting was presented to employees to review a performance evaluation staff survey and the committees’ work on a new performance evaluation system. 

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