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Staff Compensation Project

After 18 months of compensation project work, the independent equity analysis and the salary survey data gathering process have been completed resulting in both the faculty and staff compensation delivery models. 

As presented and proposed to the Board of Regents, the 2015 Fiscal Year Compensation Objectives are to establish:

  • A base minimum floor where no staff employee would be below 80%* of the market,
  • Provide an additional 4% ** across the board increase to all staff below the market and,
  • Provide an extra 5% *** across the board one-time lump-sum payment to all staff. Staff employees hired by July 1st will be eligible.

Ongoing Compensation Objective: Continue salary adjustments towards 100% of the market based on available funds each FY.

Staff Compensation Video Presentations


November 06, 2014                        June 12, 2014

These Compensation Objectives are subject to change by the university and or the Board of Regents at any time, with or without notice up and until its August 15, 2014 budget approval meeting.

* This figure may change slightly based on final approved budget.
** Individuals at 96% or above comp ratio will receive an amount not to exceed the market.
*** Paid on the December 1, 2014 paycheck.

As committed by the university leadership to continually ensure that this entire endeavor maintain transparency, the below boxed links will be your reference to track the Compensation Project from now until conclusion.  As task forces, advisory groups, committees and individuals work on the below linked Faculty and Staff Action Lists, they will be responsible for and charged with maintaining updates.  If you see active links within each Action List below, that means there is current progress and activity that can be reviewed.

If you have difficulty in accessing a link, please contact Estela Long, Manager of Compensation at or X3548.

All members of Task Forces, Advisory Groups, Committees and Individuals assigned to work on the Compensation Project.  It will be your responsibility to ensure timely updates are sent to the Office of Human Resources for linking and publication.