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Q: Who do I contact for my payroll-related questions?

A: Individualpay slip questions - Payroll
Individual employees’ benefits questions - Benefits
Payroll-related charges to your department or grant account- HR Accounting

Q:  How do I contact the HR Accounting Department?

A: By email (preferred) or by phone:
Sharon Cowan, Manager, HR Accounting – (940) 898-3594

Q: What should my email include?

A:  Subject Line - Please use ONLY the complete department or grant number string in the subject line, i.e.
Details - Please include as much information as possible in the body of the email, including:

Grant or Department name
Question or issue to be resolved 
Employee name(s) involved
Costing codes involved
Grant open and close dates (actual and extended)
The name of the source document(s) for your financial information

Time Constraints– If you need resolution in order to meet a particular deadline in the near future, please include that information and date.
Your Contact Information– Include your full name, department, position, and phone number.

Q:  When can I expect a response and/or resolution to my inquiry?

A:  Allow a minimum of 24 hours for a first response.  At that time, we will provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to resolve your issue. 

Corrections requiring PTF’s, costing changes, etc. will be made in accordance with the normal payroll processing cycle (see Payroll deadlines, Payroll, HR). 

Helpful Hint: When following up on inquiries, attach your inquiry to the existing e-mail string rather than sending a new e-mail.

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