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Interested candidates should complete the application online and submit a resume and a one page, typed letter of interest to the Housing Office, located in Jones Hall on the 3rd floor. The letter of interest should address the skills, qualities and attributes that make them qualified for the Student Manager position as well as the time management skills they will utilize to ensure they are a successful student. 


Residence Hall Community Development 2015(pdf)

Residence Hall Desk Operations 2015(pdf)


  • Possess a motivating interest in working with staff members and students in a residence hall.   
  • Have residence hall staff and/or significant leadership experience.
  • Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at Texas Woman’s University. 
  • Have a cumulative and semester minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be available to serve on the staff for two (2) consecutive semesters, or, if hired mid-year, the remainder of an academic year.
  • Be able to meet the minimum university standards for security sensitive positions.
  • Continued employment is determined by mutual renewable agreement at the end of each academic year.  


  • Carry an academic course load maximum of 16 undergraduate or 9 graduate credit hours during each semester of employment.  Any exception for subsequent credit hours must be approved in writing by the Residence Director and Associate Director prior to registration.
  • Must maintain a minimum (semester and cumulative) grade point average of 2.5 during the period of employment.  A G.P.A. of less than a 2.25 will be grounds for immediate termination.  A G.P.A. of less than a 2.5 but greater than a 2.0 will result in probation and potentially termination. If placed on probation a maximum probationary period of one semester or summer term may be allowed in order to bring up the GPA to the minimum required.  
  • May not engage in additional part-time work, student teach full time, or hold an assistantship during their time of employment with the Department of University Housing. Participation in limited student-teaching or a significant leadership role in extracurricular activities must be discussed and approved in writing by the Residence Director and Associate Director, prior to involvement or enrollment.
  • Maintain daily weekday (Monday to Friday) office hours, with at least 10 of those hours between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m..  These office hours do not include 5 hours during evening and weekends at the office, in addition to attending staff meetings and various hall wide, departmental or university events. Schedule of office hours should be discussed and approved by the Residence Director.
  • The Student Manager is expected to arrive prior to opening and stay through closing in order to assist with opening and closing the hall at the beginning and end of each semester and break periods.  The Student Manager should be available to return to campus up to one week prior to student staff training (approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of the fall semester and one and one half weeks prior to spring semester as well as be available up to 3 days after the halls close for the fall and spring semesters.) 
  • Student Manager must be available to attend staff meetings weekly at the pre-determined joint staff meeting time for all Residence Life full-time and RA/PA student staff (2 weekly meetings).  Student Manager must schedule classes around this pre-determined time to ensure availability at both staff meetings.  The joint staff meeting time will be determined before registration for the following semester. The Student Manager will be a member of the Priority Registration Group in order to register the first day registration begins.
  • In order to be effective in the role a Student Manager is expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week, this includes evening and weekend hours.  

Student Manager Questions? Contact Vik Arunkumar

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