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Stark Hall, located on the Denton campus, is a 21-story building that offers double or triple occupancy rooms, each with a private bath. Sorority suites are located on three of the floors. Every room is equipped with two data ports to connect your computer to the University Resnet internet service. Wireless is also available. 

Stark's lobby and living room are the sites for many small group activities. Adjacent to Stark Hall, the Commons provide space for study and large group activities. A computer lab that services both Stark and Guinn Halls is located in the Commons, along with a convenience store.

For Fall 2016, Stark Hall will be co-educational, and available for first year and sophomore students.  Students wishing to continue with an Honors experience a second year will live in Stark Hall. 

 More images of Stark Hall on Flickr

A typical floor plan for Stark Hall:  13'6" x 14'

Stark room

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