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Living in a campus residence hall can be one of the most rewarding experiences of university life. A roommate can become a lifelong friend. Students in the next room or across the hall can bring different viewpoints and cultures to expand your world. Perspectives are broadened, understandings are developed, and lives are enriched. To provide an atmosphere conducive to both living and learning, the Department of University Housing and Residence Life provides a variety of housing facilities for students. These facilities are provided on the Denton campus. Accommodations include traditional residence halls, as well as family housing and campus apartments. Living on campus brings the vitality of the university close to you. It is an experience worth having. The Housing staff at Texas Woman's University is committed to making this experience comfortable, educational and enjoyable. The Department of University Housing and Residence Life has made a commitment to provide an environment where individual growth can effectively take place and where classroom learning can be integrated into your daily living experience. Further your own personal development by taking advantage of the many opportunities afforded by residence hall living.

Your Residence Hall Experience...

Did you know that 75% of your time at the University will be spent outside of the classroom? A good majority of that time will be spent where you reside if you are living on campus, or split between commuting and where you reside if you live off campus.

Your living environment is an integral component for your success at the University. That is why our residence halls are equipped to provide you with much more than just a place to sleep. They are "living/learning environments" where you have the opportunity to interact with a variety of people from a wide range of backgrounds, participate in various activities in and outside of the halls, and become a leader through your involvement in student organizations and/or student employment positions. Through these experiences you will learn more about yourself as your University education inside and outside the classroom prepares you for your career and your future.

Housing Services

Rooms with private and semi-private bathrooms
Campus Apartments - two, three, shared and private one bedrooms
Family Housing for students with children and/or spouses
Special Interest Housing is available for Sorority Housing, Honors/Scholars Floor, and Residential Learning Communities.
Room refrigerators provided at no additional charge in the Residence Halls
Cable TV hookup
Computer Rooms with printers connected to the internet
Laundry rooms in each building
Air conditioned buildings
Big Screen TV in the lobbies of residence halls
Games and recreation equipment available at each front desk
Snack and soft drink machines
Terrific staff that are available to assist you
On campus security
Clubhouse after school and summer enrichment program for school-age children of TWU students

Employment our A Team

There are a number of student positions available through University Housing, which are all very important for the successful operation of the residence halls. If you are interested in gaining valuable skills that will be an asset to your career once you graduate from the University, contact the Department of University Housing and Residence Life at 940-898-3676. Ask about the following positions: Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, Technical Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Office Assistants, Conference Assistants and Student Maintenance Assistants.

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