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Living in a campus residence hall can be one of the most rewarding experiences of university life. A roommate can become a lifelong friend. Students in the next room or across the hall can bring different viewpoints and cultures to expand your world. Perspectives are broadened, understandings are developed, and lives are enriched. To provide an atmosphere conducive to both living and learning, the Department of University Housing provides a variety of housing facilities for students. These facilities are provided on the Denton campus. Accommodations include traditional residence halls, as well as family housing and campus apartments. Living on campus brings the vitality of the university close to you. It is an experience worth having. The Housing staff at Texas Woman's University is committed to making this experience comfortable, educational and enjoyable. The Department of University Housing has made a commitment to provide an environment where individual growth can effectively take place and where classroom learning can be integrated into your daily living experience. Further your own personal development by taking advantage of the many opportunities afforded by residence hall living.


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