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Thank you for your interest in the Resident Assistant (RA) or Peer Advisor (PA) positions within University Housing.  Both the RA and PA position are part-time staff members who live in an assigned residence hall.  Successful candidates are those who will:
  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Exemplify a willingness, enthusiasm and ability to build community through regular contact  with residents, programming in the halls and referring students to supportive offices on campus
  • Understand, explain, enforce and support all Office of Residence Life and University policies and procedures
  • Maintain a standard of personal conduct that allows them to be seen as a role model and leader among their peers

Please access the Resident Assistant Position Description (pdf) and/or the Peer Advisor Position Description (pdf) to fully understand the major responsibilities of each position.

The application process has two simple steps and it is important that you complete each component so that you have the highest chance of being hired.  

Step 1: Complete the Resident Assistant and Peer Advisor Application

Step 2: Select two professional references who can complete the following Reference Form (pdf) Note: The online application as well as two completed references must be completed and submitted to the Department of University Housing by no later than 5:00pm on January 24, 2014.  As candidates submit materials, more information will be forthcoming through their pioneer portal email addresses.  Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as positions become available. 

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