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Dear Resident,

Welcome to Texas Woman's University Residence Halls!  Our motto this year is “Living on Campus…The Place to Be!”.  The minute you step on the campus, you will soon discover why this motto is so true for you and many others.   Our residence halls are more than a place to eat and sleep; they are activity centers oriented to the student, where you will meet and make new friends. You will also have an opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities, which will broaden and supplement your total educational experience.

To provide an atmosphere conducive to both living and learning, the Department of University Housing provides a variety of housing facilities for students.  The facilities are provided in Denton through four residence hall communities, including family housing and campus apartments.  Approximately 1600 students live in TWU residence halls.

The Department of University Housing has made a commitment to provide an environment where individual growth can effectively take place and where classroom learning can be integrated into your daily living experience.  I challenge you to further your own personal development by taking advantage of the many opportunities afforded by residence hall living.

This handbook is designed as an introduction and a guide for all residence hall students at Texas Woman's University.  As you become settled in your residence hall you should familiarize yourself with the contents of this book, as it is a summary of our activities, services and policies.


Joe Berthiaume, Ph.D.
Director of University Housing                          

Click here to view the Residence Life Handbook



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