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symposiumThe Touchstone Honors Program at Texas Woman’s University is a brand new type of honors experience. This innovative program has been created specifically for transfer students and current TWU students with no prior college honors background. With an emphasis on professional enhancement and leadership development, the Touchstone Program is designed to assist your personal development into a well-rounded college graduate.

By enabling you to fulfill many Touchstone Program requirements though TWU sponsored organizations, the Touchstone Program’s flexibility helps you to enjoy and participate in on-campus events. We promote campus-wide involvement and support other departments’ endeavors by going to plays, dance performances, and sports events to name a few. By serving as a catalyst that exposes you to new cultural experiences as well as service and leadership opportunities, the Touchstone Programs will help empower you to be an applicant that employers and grad schools will be interested in.

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TWU Honors Endowment

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