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The Athenian Honor Society is the official student organization of the Honors Scholar Program. It is a student-run organization with various committees that help to run the program.

The purpose of the Athenian Honor Society is to enrich students of the Honors Scholar Program through academic, cultural, and social experiences that can broaden their educational perspectives and shape their academic careers.

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2013-2014 Executive Board

President:  Stephanie Terrell

Vice-President:  Katee Vorin

Social/Cultural Secretary:  Caira Heinze

Secretary of Service:  Cory Lee

Secretary of Fundraising:  Josie Gutilla

Secretary of Recruitment:  Victoria Laky

Secretary of Publications:  Alex Cole

Secretary of Outreach:  Deeandra Pedroza

HAC Representative:  Nikki Cannon 

HAC Representative:  Olivia Willingham

Freshman HAC Representative:  Mary Grace Reams 

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