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I.                  Core Curriculum Requirements

II.                 Other Requirements:
                     BA – 12 hours same foreign language
                     BA and BS - One additional English Literature course at the 2000 level

III.                TWU Requirement
                    Global Perspectives - 6 hours

IV.               Requirements for major in History

HIST 2013       Survey of World Civilizations to 1715; and/or
HIST 2023       Survey of World Civilizations since 1715
HIST 4843       Senior Seminar

Plus 21 elective advanced hours in History selected from any history courses listed in the catalog, or other approved courses of which 6 to 9 hours must be Non-US.  If HIST 2013 and HIST 2023 are completed, 6 additional non-US hours must be completed.  If only one is completed, 9 additional non-US hours are required.

V.               Electives to bring the total number of hours to 120

Certifications Available

BA History/Social Studies Certification 4-8 (.pdf)

BS History/Social Studies Certification 4-8 (.pdf)

BA History/Social Studies Certification 8-12 (.pdf)

BS History/Social Studies Certification 8-12 (.pdf)

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