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Delivery Methods

Health Studies doctoral courses are offered as a cohort program and includes:

H - Hybrid Classes (2 weekends per semester, typically Friday evening and all day Saturday).

SH1 - Summer Hybrid Classes (Workshop format); typically 4 days on the Denton campus with the remainder of course being online in Summer 1.

SH2 - Summer Hybrid Classes (Workshop format); typically 4 days on the Denton campus with the remainder of courses being online in Summer 2.

SH3 - Summer Hybrid Classes (Workshop format): typically 4 days on the Denton campus with the remainder of course being online in Summer 3.

I - Internet Classes (over 51% online); course orientation session completed online.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to plan your classes to comply with the mandate of 51% of the course work being classified as in-house courses, and to progress through the program with your cohort/group.

PhD Curriculum


  • A prior degree in Health Education, Health Promotion, Public Health, or Community health OR HS 5413 Current Issues.
  • HS 5003 Practicum in Health Education must be taken after core courses are complete by students without CHES certification.
  • Attendance of HS Doctoral Orientation is mandatory. This is typically held during the fall of the first year.

Core Curriculum (24 hours):

  • HS 6353 Social Epidemiology **Pre-requisite: HS5353 Epidemiology
  • HS 5383 Program Development and Coordination
  • HS 5423 Ethnic & Cultural Factors in Health
  • HS 6073 Seminar in Health Education
  • HS 6443 Foundations in Health Science
  • HS 6453 Strategies in Health Education Delivery
  • HS 6483 Evaluation in Health Education
  • HS 6563 Health Advocacy and Leadership

Focal Areas (Major/Emphasis) 9 hours:

Higher Education

  • HS 5103 Principles and Methods of Teaching Health Professionals
  • HS 5113 Curriculum Development for Health Professionals
  • HS 6433 History of Health and Medicine

Population Health

  • HS 5053 Psychosocial Aspects of Health
  • HS 5363 Population Health
  • HS 6423 Global Health

Environmental Health

  • HS 6403 Environmental Health **This course does NOT include fieldwork/trips!!
  • HS 5343 Risk Reduction
  • Independent Study or Practicum in Environmental Health

Other Course Requirements:

  • 39 hours of Interdisciplinary Studies, and/or hours transferred from the master's degree.
  • 6 hours electives
  • 12 hours of research tools. 6 hours of statistics, including passing the Statistics Competency Test, and 6 hours of research methods. Students pursuing research in qualitative research may be required by their research committee to enroll in  HS 6053 qualitative research methods course IN ADDITION to the two required courses.
  • 6 hours of Dissertation 

Please view the PhD Planning Grid for more information on the sequence of courses for the cohort. The anticipated course offerings can be found on Course Rotation Schedule.

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

Course Rotation (pdf)

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics 

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Graduate Students

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