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The Health Studies Master's Programs are built upon the Bachelor of Science in Health Studies Program competencies as framed by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing in its 2006 Competency Update Project (CUP) Model. 

Master's Program Goal:

To prepare graduates to become health education leaders and practitioners in the profession.

Master's Program Objectives:

The Master's Programs curricula are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Apply these competencies in their professional work.
  • Assess the health needs and interests of individuals, groups, and communities in relation to cultural, ethnic, and demographic factors.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate health education and health promotion programs in a variety of settings.
  • Approach health education and health promotion from a multicultural perspective and sensitivity to diversity.
  • Develop appropriate strategies to effect positive health behavior among the groups or populations addressed.
  • Coordinate the provision of health education services and serve as a resource person in health education and health promotion.


Degree Program Options

The MS program is available with your choice of focal areas:

  • Higher Education
  • Community/Population Health
  • Worksite Health

Health Studies graduate students may choose between three options:

All courses and required course orientations for the degree may be taken online.  Several committee meetings for thesis and degree plan will be held on the Denton campus throughout the degree program.  Although courses are online, students admitted to the Master's degree program in Health Studies will have the flexibility of enrolling in courses offered throug a variety of formats.  (See the Graduate Course Rotation below for further explanation of each delivery method).

For additional information on the MS graduate online program, please contact either:

Ms. Morgan O'Donnell, Graduate Advisor

Dr. Thomas Coyle, Graduate Coordinator

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