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HCA 5213. Managerial Communications

Preparation of managers and leaders for the communication challenges of the workplace.  Development and demonstration of effective, business-orientated oral and written skills.  Emphasis on organization and delivery of professional presentations, use of effective visual support, and business writing.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours

HCA 5233. Strategic Organization Theory and Health Care Management

Application of organization theory and concepts to health services organizations. Topics include governance, competitive environment, distinctive attributes of health care organizations, vision, mission, goals and strategies, systems thinking, organization structure and design, organizational effectiveness, change management, planning and management roles.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5253. Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration

Application of the theories and concepts of management and organizational behavior in a health services setting. Topics include personality, motivation, decision making, stress, interpersonal and group dynamics, communication, leadership, power, conflict and organizational culture.  Prerequisites: HCA 5213 and HCA 5223 or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5343. Human Resources Management in Healthcare Administration

Human resources management issues including strategic role of job analysis and design, recruitment, retention, diversity, performance appraisal, termination, recognition, compensation and development, and HR legal issues relevant to health care organizations. Prerequisites: HCA 5223, HCA 5253, HCA 5213, HCA 5103 or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5363. Leadership and Career Development in Health Care Administration 

Development of leadership potential by strengthening abilities in creative thinking, interpersonal team skills, communication skills, diversity, negotiation and conflict management. Improvement of personal effectiveness by goal setting, establishing networks and using interviewing techniques. Use of self assessments, and group projects with outside clients. Students prepare portfolio notebook and present to independent evaluators.  Prerequisite: Completion of HCA 5223 and HCA 5253 and completion of 12 hours of HCA courses. Three lecture hours a week. 
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5383. Ethical Analysis in Health Services

Identification of values and ethical issues in health care administration.  Application of ethical principles and theories of decision making in analysis of ethical dilemmas. Topics include moral basis of ethics, organizational philosophy, duties, conflict of interest, confidentiality, resource allocation, end-of-life, and other biomedical and administrative issues. Prerequisites: HCA 5103, HCA 5223, HCA 5253 or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours. 

HCA 5473. Health Information Management

The role of information systems in health care orgnaizations.  Topics include planning information, processing, clinical and administrative systems, methods to support decision making, vendor evaluation and selection and information systems project management.  Prerequisite: HCA 5103, HCA 5223 or permission of instructor. Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5933. Capstone in Healthcare Administration

Final course in the HCA curriculum focusing on the integration of knowledge and application of theories, models and techniques from preceding courses in the management of a health services organization. Decision making involving strategic, human resources, financial planning and operations.  Prerequisites:  Completion of all required HCA courses.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: Three hours.

HCA 5973. Professional Portfolio

Independent research leading to the production of a written document of scholarly quality.  Prerequisite: Permission of faculty advisor.
Credit: Three hours.

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