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HCA 5001. Concepts of Health and Disease for Administrators

Major body systems, definitions of health, illness, disease, pathogenesis, disability and death. Roles and responsibilities of health care team members in the processes of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Structures, functions and disease processes of human body systems and fundamental medical terminology. Designed for the graduate level student with little or no prior clinical experience. Self instructional methods will be utilized for practice and mastery of medical vocabulary, and the structure and functions of body systems. One lecture hour a week.
Credit: one hour.

HCA 5103. Foundations of Health Services

Structure and operation of U.S. health industry and the political and social environment in which it exists.  The health system will be analyzed in terms of cost, access, availability, quality, and appropriateness.  Topics include the role of government in regulating health services; health insurance; types, categories and functions of various health care continuum; and human resources.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: three hours.

HCA 5193. Health Law

American legal system, and its principles and processes; public health law; institutional and professional liability; informed consent; physician-patient relationships; forensic medicine; legislative activities; and controversial medical, legal and ethical issues.  Prerequisites: HCA 5103 or permission from instructor.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: three hours.

HCA 5633. Health Policy Analysis

Definitions of health policy and the process of policy making.  Impact of values on policy, and the role of interest groups and political influence.  Framework for analyzing policy and methods using the tools of economics to examine health system change.  Prerequisites: HCA 5623, completion of 12 hours in Health Care Administration program or permission from instructor. Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: three hours.

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