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HCA-Houston Advisory Council comprises of members practicing as healthcare administrators who are employers as well as alumni.  We at TWU, therefore, desire their input on how our curriculum is preparing students to work in their organization.  They are actively involved in providing sites for fieldwork, internships and class projects for students enrolled in our HCA program. 

Role of the Council:

  The role of the council is to advise and counsel our faculty regarding the type of academic preparation needed for health care facilities.  The Council also mutually benefits from the following specific interest:

  • Mentoring of graduate students, thus providing a strong applicant pool for various facilities.
  • Defining beneficial projects for student analysis and research.
  • Providing guest lecturers in HCA courses.
  • Providing Internships, and field work placements.

 The HCA Advisory Council is active on the Houston campus.  The Council meets 2 times a year.

Members serving on the Council:

Albright-Weid, Heidi
Brock, Faith
Cassidy, Michael
Chin, Cheryl 
D'Agostino, Sara
DeGuzman, Elizabeth
Denman, Corliss R
Duplantis, Marguerite
Farr, Anita
Garza, Diana|
Gemeinhardt, Gretchen
Giegerich, Catherine
Hermis, Donna
Lakshmanan-Le, Rekha 
Le, Emily 
Lewis-Wilson, Maria
Marquina, Nancy
Molten, Linda
Muller, Suzanne
Nikolovski, Nancy Le
Ortiz, Paul
Ramos, Tonya 
Rodriguez, Stephanie
Rose, Vivian 
Stewart, Bill 
Wagner, Donald 
Wright, Mike

To be a part of the HCA Alumni Advisory Council contact Ms.Heidi Albright.

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