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HCA students with Dr. Gerald Goodman

The Department of Health Care Administration offers a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management that provides students with a foundation of knowledge necessary for a successful career in health care management. This program is especially tailored for busy health care professionals who are seeking additional management education to advance their careers. The Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Health Care Management is not subject to accreditation by CAHME. The core educational component comprises 18-21 graduate-level credit hours depending on prior academic preparation and student career goals.

Students with no prior accounting background, will need to take a 3 credit hour course in Financial Accounting.*
Students applying for a Long Term Care certificate will need an additional 3 credit hour course in Managing the Long-Term Care for Nursing Administrators.*

Students will learn about the organizational structure and operations of the health care system.In addition to these fundamentals, students will be exposed to the ever-present social responsibility and ethical concerns facing those in decision-making roles.  

Course Curriculum (Note: Certificate hours cannot be satisfyied by transfer credit or by waiving courses):

  • Foundations of Health Services (HCA 5103)
  • Strategic Organizational Theory (HCA 5223)
  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration (HCA 5253)
  • Human Resources Management in Healthcare Administration (HCA 5343)
  • Management Accounting (HCA 5533) (may require HCA 5513, Financial Acct, as a prerequisite)
  • Ethical Analysis in Health Services (HCA 5383)
  • Elective (for Nursing Home Administration, use HCA 5723)

Students who have successfully completed the certificate program and wish to pursue a master’s degree in health care administration at TWU, at a later date, may apply certificate credit hours toward their degree requirements. However all core course work for the MHA masters degree must be completed within a six-year period.  This includes transfer credits as well as MHA degree requirements. Certificate students must apply as an MHA degree seeking applicant and must complete all of the same admission/application requirements as any other student. Only courses with a grade of B or better will apply toward MHA degree course requirements.

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