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Blackboard is the University’s online course management system, where online coursework takes place. You log in to Blackboard with your Portal Username and Password.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is an online synchronous tool your instructors may use to have real-time interaction with you. This means that they may schedule a specific time that you and your classmates have to log into your Blackboard course and interact with them.

Blackboard IM (BbIM)

A chat tool that allows users to communicate and collaborate with classmates and instructors in an informal “virtual venue.”  BbIM allows you to use text chat features, which can be archived, and audio chat features, which cannot be archived. 

Blended Course

A course that is delivered more than 50 but less than 85 percent electronically. Same as a hybrid course.


Used for a variety of purposes on the web including, journaling, communication, exchanging information, and reflection. Blogs traditionally contain a space for a post which may be comprised of text, links, media and/or images, and an optional space for comments by persons reading and viewing a blog.

Distance Education Course

A course is one in which over 50 percent of the instruction is delivered via satellite, compressed video, Internet, or other electronic means. A DE Course can be further classifeid as Fully Online or Hybrid/Blended. All distance education courses/programs are subject to the same academic standards as those offered on campus.


When a student drops a class (or classes) he or she is still enrolled in at least one other class. Not the same as a withdrawal. Visit the Office of the Registrar for instructions on how to drop a course online. Distance Learners do not have to come to campus to drop a course. 

Fully Online Course

A course that delivered 85-100 percent electronically.

Hybrid Course

A course that is delivered more than 50 but less than 85 percent electronically. Same as a blended course.

Pioneer Portal

Pioneer Portal is the University’s official computer system, where student account information is stored. A variety of student services are available through Pioneer Portal.

Technology Service Desk 

The Technology Service Desk provides technical support by phone, email, or live chat.


Basic webpage construction tools, which allow multiple users to view, add and modify content. 


Withdrawal from the University is when a student drops all of his or her classes for that particular semester. Withdrawals are processed through the Office of Student Life. Distance Learners do not have to come to campus to withdraw from their courses.

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