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Greek Grade Reports

Greek Glossary (Click to link to Glossary)

In addition to using the Greek alphabet, sororities and fraternities use a unique vocabulary that can be confusing to newcomers and others less familiar with the Greek community. More about “Greek Glossary (Click to link to Glossary)”...

Greek Life Facts

-          There are 11 active Greek organizations at TWU.
-          Greek Life is the largest collective student organization on campus.
-          43 of the nation's 50 largest companies are headed by Greek members.
-          Greek, nationally, complete over 10 million hours of community service each year.
-          Since 1910, 85% of the Supreme Court Justices have been Greek.
-          85% of the Fortune 500 key executives are Greek.
-          76% of Who's Who in America are Greek.
-          All but two Presidents since 1825 have been Greek.
-          70% of the U.S Presidents' cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek.
-          76% of U.S. Senators are Greek.
-          Both women elected to the U.S. Supreme Court were Greek.
-          More than 70% of Greeks graduate from college while fewer than 50% of non-Greeks graduate.

Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet

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