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Assistantships Available

Office of Intercultural Services

GA_Position_Intercultural_Services [PDF]

Department of Reading

- Graduate_Assistant_Department_of_Reading.doc [Word]

Graduate Assistant - Center for Qualitative Inquiry (CQI)
     - Job Description [PDF]
     - Application for Graduate Assistantship Form [Word]
     - CQI Preliminary Interview [Word]
     - Technology Skills Document [Word]

School of Management

School_of_Management_GAW_Position [Word]

School_of_Management_GA_Position [Word]

Find an Assistantship

To secure a graduate assistantship contact the head of the academic department or university office where you would like to have an assistantship. Please review the Graduate Assistant Policies [Word] for requirements and to determine your eligibility.

Find a Graduate Student for Assistantship

Departments may contact the Graduate School to obtain a copy of the list of graduate students who are available for appointment as graduate assistants.

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics

State Mandated Immunization Requirement

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas law requires that all new and transfer college students must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis.

For more on this requirement, please visit the Meningitis Vaccination page.

TWU Students Say...

Samuel Wheeler"I researched several graduate schools before deciding on TWU. The quality academic programs, knowledgeable and conscientious professors and supportive learning environment made TWU a great fit for me."

Graduate Student Achievements

Lona Sandon

Lona Sandon, a Registered Dietitian and Ph.D. in the Dept. of Health Studies, is the winner of the $10,000 Commission on Dietetics Registration Doctoral Scholarship from the American Dietetics Association for 2011-12. The selection process considered GPA, GRE scores, paid work experience, professional memberships and achievements, most significant accomplishment, and volunteer experience, as well as publications, presentations, and honors/scholarships.