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Assistantships Available

College of Nursing - Dallas Campus

Graduate Assistant College of Nursing Dallas  [Word]

Office of Intercultural Services

GA_Position_Intercultural_Services [PDF]

Department of Reading

- Graduate_Assistant_Department_of_Reading.doc [Word]

Graduate Assistant - Center for Qualitative Inquiry (CQI)
     - Job Description [PDF]
     - Application for Graduate Assistantship Form [Word]
     - CQI Preliminary Interview [Word]
     - Technology Skills Document [Word]

Find an Assistantship

To secure a graduate assistantship contact the head of the academic department or university office where you would like to have an assistantship. Please review the Graduate Assistant Policies [Word] for requirements and to determine your eligibility.

Find a Graduate Student for Assistantship

Departments may contact the Graduate School to obtain a copy of the list of graduate students who are available for appointment as graduate assistants.

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