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The following collaborative opportunities are available. Please contact the center for more information.
  • Development of research skills and evidence-based research projects (examples: Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Hangzhou, China; Pakistan; South Africa)
  • Assessment of undergraduate nursing curriculum based on 2009 WHO Global Standards for Initial Education of Professional Nurses.  Consultative services to ascertain congruency and develop a plan/timeline to achieve congruency if indicated (example: Indonesia)
  • Assistance with development of Graduate nurse programs at the Masters and Doctoral level
  • Nursing Faculty capacity building in the areas of teaching, service and scholarship (example:  Indonesia)
  • Cultural immersion experiences for faculty and undergraduate/graduate nursing students and professional nurses (see nursing student courses; also Tanzania, Indonesia, China, Netherlands)
  • Visiting scholar opportunities geared to the needs of the learner (see link for Visiting Scholars/International Nursing Students)
  • Collaborative International Conferences (example - University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia)
  • Ongoing partnerships between universities (example – Rotterdam University, Netherlands and Texas Woman’s University since 2006)

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