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Anne Koci, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, WHNP
Professor, Track Manager, Family Nurse Practitioner - Houston Center

Dr. Koci, Ph.D  has more than 40 years’ experience as a RN and 35 years clinical experience as a family nurse practitioner. She is currently the course manager of the Family Nurse Practitioner program on the Houston campus. 

Dr. Koci’s scholarship focuses on women’s health with a special interest in marginality issues and health outcomes of women with and without a history of abuse. Her dissertation work focused on health outcomes of women with a history of abuse and involved development of a measure of Marginality. More recent research has focused on the psychometric properties of the Koci Marginality Index and translating the instrument into foreign languages for use in international research. Her research has resulted in peer reviewed publications and a number of national and international presentations.

Her research has resulted in peer reviewed publications and a number of and international presentations.  She is currently on a research team involved in a 7-year prospective study of 300 English and Spanish speaking women to determine the safety, mental and physical health, economic, and general functioning outcomes for abused women and their children following a shelter stay compared to abused women who apply for a protection order. There are plans to extend this research globally.

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