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Visiting Scholar Information 

Full Name and title: Haiying Han, MBA, BSN
Position in home country: Nursing lecturer, Hangzhou, China
Employing facility:  Zhejiang University City College, China
Title of work position:  Nursing Instructor
Dates of Visiting Scholar Experience:  January – July 2013 TWU Houston campus

Objectives of Visiting Scholar Experience

  • Explore information technology utilized in nursing courses.
  • Participate in the use of simulation in nursing courses/skills labs.
  • Develop a simulation article to submit for publication addressing the use of simulation in China based on what was learned at TWU.
  • Attend numerous didactic lectures for a number of classes in the undergraduate, Master’s level and doctoral level of the nursing program.
  • Attend several clinical sessions in the undergraduate nursing program.
  • Participate in the Ctr. for Global Nursing Scholarship.
  • Attend a Texas state nursing student association conference.
  • Participate in several faculty meetings development of a simulation article to submit for publication addressing the use of simulation in China based on what she has learned at TWU.


I benefited from the technological teaching tool and also became aware that faculty development program using a train the trainer model is essential to increase the effective use of clinical simulation in nursing education. These are just a few highlights of the take home lessons I gained from my six months experience at TWU. Above all, I was most impressed by the culture of teaching and learning interactions between faculty and students on this campus. I had the opportunities to attend many didactic lectures in both undergraduate and graduate level of nursing courses. I truly appreciate the rich resources and support systems students enjoy on this campus. I received more help and support from faculty, staff, and students than I had expected; and I exceeded my learning objectives than I had originally hoped to accomplish. I have grown both personally and professionally in the last six months. I will treasure the experience I had, and the friendships I built for the rest of my life.

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