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Visiting Scholar Information 

Full Name and title: Gulten GUVENC, Maj., RN, PhD
Position in home country: Lecturer
Employing facility: Gulhane Military Medical Academy, School of Nursing, Etlik, Ankara, Turkey
Title of work position: Lecturer
Dates of Visiting Scholar (VS) Experience: August, 30, 2010 - August 30, 2011

Objectives of Visiting Scholar Experience

  • Learn current information regarding Women’s Health Nursing and get more experience in teaching methods (observe some undergraduate classes, especially Women’s Health Nursing)
  • Foster my professional experience by observing PhD and Master courses and share my knowledge and experience.
  • Learn about different cultures and their practices
  • Improve my professional practice via observational learning experiences
  • Affiliate with nurses in clinical settings and learn institutional protocols. Observe how nurses focus on patient care, research, education
  • Participate in a research project in order to get more experience in nursing research (for every stage of a research project).
  • Plan a research project and to study on it. 


As a Visiting Scholar, it was my first out-of-the-country experience. It was perfect opportunity for my professional life: 

  • During the two semesters, I followed two undergraduate and five PhD courses.  All of these courses were exceptional. I learned so much about the culture of diverse groups from the Multicultural Nursing PhD Course. I also made so many new friends from various courses.
  • I had the opportunity to observe multiple areas of clinical settings in different hospitals in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  I was able to improve my professional practice
  • I participated in monthly meetings in TWU, where nursing faculty and staff presented their work in education, teaching, and service
  • I attended scientific events (symposiums and conferences) with presentations and learned the latest improvements in the fields of nursing and health care.
  • I worked with an excellent maternal-child research project team. Discussions with colleagues during the meetings gave me an excellent opportunity to exchange views and experience as well as improve my experience in research.
  • I and my mentor, Dr. Sandra Cesario, planned and conducted research to compare similarities and differences of PhD education in Turkey and the USA. 
  • I spent time in Simulation Laboratory and learned advanced technologies in simulation from my colleagues (Comia Eddyline , Lee McWilliams and Kelly Vandenberg).
  • As a Visiting Scholar, I reached all my goals at TWU. I am grateful to TWU Houston Center for their support during my stay. The faculty and staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating throughout this entire process…

Final Thoughts

Finally, I would like to thank to all my colleagues and staff at TWU for allowing me to work in such a wonderful workplace environment. I am truly grateful to everyone and in particular, to my mentor Dr. Sandra Cesario, the PhD Program Coordinator and a tenured Professor at the Texas Woman’s University’s College of Nursing in Houston, Texas. I am so grateful for her hospitality and support during the entire process.  I enjoyed attending Women’s Health and Family Roles course with my exceptional colleagues (Dr. Joan Edwards, Ann St. Germain, Janet Cunningham).  Thanks to all. I also learned so much from our maternal-child research project team and enjoyed our intellectually rich meetings and friendly times we shared. I would like to thank Dr. Judith McFarlane (Research team leader, professor of nursing and the Parry Chair in Health Promotion at the TWU Institute of Health Sciences-Houston Center) and all team members. I would like to thank all coordinators and Directors of TWU and Dr. Karen Lyon, Associate Dean, Houston and Dr. Patricia Holden-Huchton, dean of the Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing for their support.  I also want to thank to Dr Sharon L Van Sell, Professor in Dallas Campus of TWU, for her support during the visiting scholar experience.

Would you recommend the VS experience to others?

I shared my experience with my colleagues in Turkey. Overall, I had an absolutely fabulous time at TWU, Houston, Texas and I learned a lot from my experience. I will strongly recommend the Visiting Scholar experience to other nurses.# 


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