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Joan E. Edwards, Ph.D., RNC, CNS
Associate Professor - Houston Center
Director, Center for Global Nursing Scholarship

Sandra K. Cesario, PhD, RNC, FAAN
Professor, PhD/DNP Program Coordinator - Houston Center

Ho Soon Michelle Cho, Ph.D., RN
Professor - Dallas Center

Wyona M. Freysteinson, PhD, MN
Assistant Professor - Houston Center

Tuong Vi Ho, PhD, CNS, NP
Associate Clinical Professor – Houston Center

Allison Huffman became involved with the CGNS in 2013 after her appointment to TWU full-time faculty at the Dallas campus.  Prior to her full-time position, Allison had been working as an adjunct faculty at TWU.  Her adjunct faculty experience began in 2009 in Wegman's School of Nursing at St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY.  While at St. John Fisher, she was able to finish her DNP degree, focusing her studies in the fields of immigrant and refugee health.  Through this study, she was able to participate in the Rochester Corps on Refugee Relief organization as well as help lead the conference committee planning board for two consecutive years for the North American Refugee Health Conference.  Her study of global health has also allowed her the opportunity to present posters at multiple local and national conferences as well as speak through a podium presentation in Fall 2014 at the Transcultural Nursing Society.

Her clinical career as a Family Nurse Practitioner has led her to practice internationally in Cambridge, England as well as practice in areas where her focus has been on caring for immigrants and refugees.  Through this, she continues to serve a mostly Hispanic community in Texas utilizing her skills in Spanish.  She also has been able to participate in multiple medical mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua as well as help lead nursing students and travel to Kenya on two different occasions.  In Kenya, they were able to serve through the clinic as well as deliver an educational teaching program focused on empowering girls in the developing world.

Anne Koci, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, WHNP
Associate Professor, Track Manager, Family Nurse Practitioner - Houston Center

Fuqin Liu, Ph.D., RN
Assistant Professor – Denton Center

Karen C. Lyon, PhD, APRN, ACNS, NEAbc
Executive Director, Louisiana State Board of Nursing

Teresa Maharaj, RN, MS
Assistant Clinical Professor, Baccalaureate Coordinator - Houston Center

Judith McFarlane, Dr.P.H., RN
Professor and Parry Nursing Chair in Health Promotion - Houston Center

Graciela R. Salinas, MS, RN, CNE
Assistant Clinical Professor - Dallas Center

Nola Schrum, RN, MS, CCRN
Assistant Clinical Professor - Dallas Center

Ann St. Germain, MSN, WHNP, ANP
Assistant Clinical Professor - Houston Center

Lynda A. Tyer-Viola RNC PhD FAAN
Director, Women’s Services, Texas Children’s Hospital
Adjunct Faculty, Texas Woman’s University – Houston Campus

Sharon L. Van Sell, EdD, RN, PAHM
Professor - Dallas Campus

Stephanie L. Woods RN, PhD
Associate Professor and Associate Dean – Dallas Center

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