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Spring Break – 2014

Summer 1 – Indonesia Cultural Immersion Courses NURS 4902 and 6903

Thirteen undergraduate and graduate nursing students participated in a 14-day Indonesian Cultural Immersion course.  This course fulfilled the 2-hour nursing elective requirement for the Bachelor of Science – Nursing Major and a 3-hour elective for the graduate nursing program.

Participants explored differences and similarities of Indonesian healthcare issues as opposed to United States citizens and healthcare issues within the USA.  Students gained an awareness of healthcare issues within the context of the Indonesian culture.   Students were able to attend and participate in the University of Padjadjaran College of Nursing’s 4th International Nursing Conference, “Improving Quality of Life through Interdisciplinary Approach in Health Care Settings”, held in Bandung, Java, Indonesia (Texas Woman’s University collaborated with the University of Padjadjaran College of Nursing in development of  the conference). 

Presentations from Texas Woman’s University included:

  • Pain Assessment and Management in Nursing Practice (Dr. Joan E. Edwards)
  • Interdisciplinary Approach in Managing Community Health Problems:  Lessons Learned in the United States (Dr. Sandra Cesario)
  • PICO Poster:  In Pregnant Women and Women of Child Bearing Age, Will Increasing Daily Folic Acid Intake to 400 mcg or Greater Decrease the Incidence of Neonatal Mortality and Neural Tube Defects? (Simone Franks, Jacqueline Chan, Cecelia Diaz, Vivian Ayala, Wynesha Bush, Peggy Adams – TWU Jr 2 nursing students )
  • PICO Poster:  For School Aged Children, Does the Implementation of School Based Antismoking/Tobacco Programs Coupled with Antismoking Media Interventions Increase Knowledge and Decrease the Prevalence of Smoking in Comparison With Those Not Exposed to Antismoking and Tobacco Campaigns? (Marissa Jones, Isabelle Rowdon, Howard Tseng, Cassidy Schaffner - TWU Sr 1 nursing students)
  • PICO Poster: (Janie Acebedo, Farah Siddiqi, Elizabeth Libby – TWU graduate nursing students)

Congratulations to TWU Jr 2 nursing students who were awarded 1st place out of approximately 45 Poster submissions! 

Upcoming Trips:

 October 2014 – Japan

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the detonation of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While this was a tragedy of unparalleled magnitude, this event contributed to the advancement of modern day radiation therapy.

During the fall semester 2014, the following Special Topics Study Abroad course will be offered.

NURS 6903.61 Historical Research: Lessons Learned in Hiroshima (Course Code 50660) will allow students to explore historical research, a process quite different than qualitative or quantitative methodologies, through travel to Hiroshima and examination of Houston’s archived documents. Studies that followed the bombings contribute to current understanding of radiation therapy, occupational safety, civil defense, environmental controls, disaster response, and ethics.


$3,294 includes airfare, hotel, and ground transportation

This is the cost of travel and does not include the cost of tuition.

Important Dates

Pre-Trip Preparation - Friday & Saturday, September 12 & 13, 2014 from 9 am to 4 pm

Travel to Japan - October 11-18, 2014
Post-Trip Meeting - Tuesday, November 18 from 4 pm to 6 pm

Contact person:  Dr Sandra Cesario (


Upcoming Trips: Spring Break 2015

NURS 6903 Women and Family Health in China: Millennium Transitions in Policy and Practice

This special topics course explores policy and practice in relation to the health of women and families in China.  A contrast of the socio-political determinants of health will also be explored between the healthcare systems in China and in the United States.  Nurses, in the context of a global society, will develop a greater appreciation of Chinese Traditional Medicine and understanding of the Chinese Health policies in relation to women and family health.  A ten day cultural immersion experience in Southeast China is required for this course. 
Travel Dates:  March 13-25, 2015  One group will leave from Houston, TX and one from Dallas, TX
Estimated Trip Cost:  $2300 plus the cost of tuition for the 3-credit graduate level course
Spouses and children may not accompany students
Enrollment limited to PhD and DNP nursing students at Texas Woman’s University
Contact Person:  Dr. Fuqin Liu –; 940-898-2420

MaymesterNURS 4902 Vietnam Cultural Immersion Elective

Travel Dates:  TBD
Contact Person:  Dr. Vi Ho –

Summer 1:  NURS 4902 Peruvian Cultural Immersion Elective
                     NURS 6903 Peruvian Cultural Immersion Elective
Travel Dates: (tentative) May 27th -June 6th, 2015
Estimated Trip Cost:  $2300 plus the cost of tuition for the 2-credit undergraduate level course or the 3-credit graduate level course
Contact person:  Dr. Joan Edwards – ; 281-723-2144

Southeast Asia & Vietnam

Vietnamese Cultural Immersion GroupSoutheast Asian and Vietnamese Cultural Immersion courses were offered through TWU College of Nursing to nursing students in 2012 and 2013. These courses were two of several options for fulfilling a nursing elective requirement for the Bachelor of Science – Nursing Major and graduate level –Master and PhD-students. This two-week long Maymester offering focused on Asian cultures and the healthcare needs of the Vietnamese population. Students were able to understand differences and similarities for Vietnamese living in the United States as opposed to living in Vietnam.  Students gained awareness of issues surrounding this Asian culture.

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