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Upcoming Trips:

Summer 1 (Maymester):  NURS 4902 Peruvian Cultural Immersion Elective
                                     NURS 6903 Peruvian Cultural Immersion Elective

Travel Dates:  May 12 -25, 2015
Estimated Trip Cost: $2860 plus credit hour expense for the elective
Contact person: Dr. Joan Edwards –  (281) 723-2144

Focus on the Peruvian culture with an emphasis on women's and children's health care issues.  Participation in a community research project.  Attendance and participation in an International Nursing Conference.  The focusd of the conference is women's and children's health care issues.  It will be held in Lima, Peru.

Conference website:

Summer 2:  NURS 4902 Vietnam Cultural Immersion Elective
                  NURS 6903 Vietnam Cultural Immersion Elective

Special Topics: The Health of Women in Vietnam

Travel Dates:  May 26 - June 8, 2015
Estimated Cost: $2600
Contact Person:  Dr. Vi Ho – (713) 794-2493

Focuses on Southeast Asian culture and the healthcare needs of this population.  Gain an understanding of the differences and similarities for Southest Asians living in the United States as opposed to Southeast Asians living in their perspective original countries.  Gain awareness for issues surrounding the Southeast Asian culture.


2015 Trips


CHINA - A graduate nursing course in "Women and Family Health in China: Millennium Transitions in Policy& Practice" was held March 13-24, 2015 in China. Drs. Judith McFarlane and Fuqin Liu were the lead faculty for this course. Students forged relationships with the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, Women's Hospital of Zhejiang University, School of Medicine and the Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou as well as visited women's factory work sites in Tonglu county (hometown of Dr. Liu). Additionally, students received a special lecture from the Director of Health Policy for Hangzhou City. This ten-day cultural immersion experience helped students to have a better understanding of policy and practice in relation to the health of women and families in China.

2014 Trips

ST. LUKE'S INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL - TOKYO, JAPAN  On October 13, 2014, doctoral students from Texas Woman’s University Houston and Dallas campuses participated in a global exchange with PhD Nursing students from St. Luke’s University, a general teaching facility located in the Tsukiji district of Chuo.  Students from both universities shared research topics and discussed potential future research collaboration. Tours of both the hospital and university were provided.

The hospital first opened in 1902 as a medical mission facility by the Episcopal Church. The hospital is now one of central Tokyo's largest and most comprehensive medical care facilities. The hospital was able to remain open and continue its work throughout World War II providing care to atomic bomb survivors.

Today, St. Luke's International Hospital has 539 beds and sees 2,550 outpatients on an average day.  It serves the city of Tokyo and is an internationally recognized teaching facility for medical professionals including post-graduate resident physicians and nurses.



RADIATION EFFECTS RESEARCH FOUNDATION, HIROSHIMA, JAPAN  In Fall 2014, TWU entered a collaborative relationship with the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) to augment learning opportunities for doctoral students enrolled in an elective titled Historical Research in Nursing – Exploring Japan.  Dr. Sandra Cesario, Ms. Deb Unruh, and Dr. Adrian Melissinos led this experiential learning opportunity.  The elective study-abroad course was designed as an introduction to historical study in nursing, including methodology, significance, analytic techniques, and application.  Students examined materials in local archives and other sources prior to traveling to Hiroshima. The process of conducting historical research was illustrated by lessons learned following the WWII bombing of Hiroshima and their contributions to current understanding of radiation therapy, occupational safety, civil defense, environmental controls, disaster response, and ethics. Students had the opportunity to evaluate personal worldview, values, and the professional nursing role in the context of the global health community.

RERF was established on April 1, 1975, as a nonprofit foundation under Japanese civil law within the jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministries of Foreign Affairs Health and Welfare and in accordance with an agreement between the governments of Japan and the United States. RERF was preceded by the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC) which was established in 1947 by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) with funding from the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. ABCC initiated extensive health studies on A-bomb survivors in cooperation with the Japanese National Institute of Health of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which joined the research program in 1948. A comprehensive review of ABCC work by the Francis Committee in 1955 led to extensive revisions in research design and laid the foundation for the population-based studies that continue today.

Following introductory information which included a lecture by Dr. Waka Ohishi (Chief, Department of Clinical Studies at RERF) and a facilities tour, TWU visitors were able to meet with 4 former Japanese ABCC-RERF employees.  Three of the employees had been nurses who attended to the A-bomb survivors. Their period of employment comprised of different segments of time between 1947 and 1989. The highlight of the study abroad experience was the opportunity to speak with these Japanese women, who had been in Hiroshima or Nagasaki at the time of the bombings and are now 90+ years old.  One of the outcomes of this course was to preserve the history they shared with us through group preparation and submission of a poster abstract for presentation at the History of Nursing Conference in September 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.


INDONESIA CULTURAL IMMERSION COURSES NURS 4902 AND 6903 Thirteen undergraduate and graduate nursing students participated in a 14-day Indonesian Cultural Immersion course. This course fulfilled the 2-hour nursing elective requirement for the Bachelor of Science – Nursing Major and a 3-hour elective for the graduate nursing program.

Participants explored differences and similarities of Indonesian healthcare issues as opposed to United States citizens and healthcare issues within the USA. Students gained an awareness of healthcare issues within the context of the Indonesian culture. Students were able to attend and participate in the University of Padjadjaran College of Nursing’s 4th International Nursing Conference, “Improving Quality of Life through Interdisciplinary Approach in Health Care Settings”, held in Bandung, Java, Indonesia (Texas Woman’s University collaborated with the University of Padjadjaran College of Nursing in development of the conference).

Presentations from Texas Woman’s University included:

  • Pain Assessment and Management in Nursing Practice (Dr. Joan E. Edwards)
  • Interdisciplinary Approach in Managing Community Health Problems: Lessons Learned in the United States (Dr. Sandra Cesario)
  • PICO Poster: In Pregnant Women and Women of Child Bearing Age, Will Increasing Daily Folic Acid Intake to 400 mcg or Greater Decrease the Incidence of Neonatal Mortality and Neural Tube Defects? (Simone Franks, Jacqueline Chan, Cecelia Diaz, Vivian Ayala, Wynesha Bush, Peggy Adams – TWU Jr 2 nursing students )
  • PICO Poster: For School Aged Children, Does the Implementation of School Based Antismoking/Tobacco Programs Coupled with Antismoking Media Interventions Increase Knowledge and Decrease the Prevalence of Smoking in Comparison With Those Not Exposed to Antismoking and Tobacco Campaigns? (Marissa Jones, Isabelle Rowdon, Howard Tseng, Cassidy Schaffner - TWU Sr 1 nursing students)
  • PICO Poster: (Janie Acebedo, Farah Siddiqi, Elizabeth Libby – TWU graduate nursing students)

Congratulations to TWU Jr 2 nursing students who were awarded 1st place out of approximately 45 Poster submissions!

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