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Lynda A. Tyer-Viola RNC PhD FAAN

Director, Women’s Services, Texas Children’s Hospital
Adjunct Faculty, Texas Woman’s University – Houston Campus

Lynda Tyer-Viola is the director of inpatient nursing and operations for the Pavilion for Women at Texas Children’s Hospital. Prior to accepting this position in August 2013, Lynda was an Associate Professor at the MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston Massachusetts and a Faculty Nurse Scientist in the Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research at Massachusetts General Hospital. She practiced as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at MGH for ten years and has held several management and director positions in perinatal nursing. Lynda has taught global health courses at Boston College and the Institute and has guided several masters and doctoral students in global nursing projects. Her area of clinical expertise is in high risk pregnancy and she has built a program of research in care of pregnant women with HIV and other global health issues. She is a board member of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and an active researcher with the International HIV Nursing Research Collaborative.

Throughout her nursing career, Lynda has contributed to the care of women globally in several settings worldwide.  She was a consultant with USAID in the late 1990's in Moscow, Russia to educate nurses and healthcare providers on the care of patients with HIV and Tuberculosis.  As a consultant to the Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, she has participated in the development and implementation of several programs to improve Maternal Child Health.  The Maternal Infant Health Initiative in Zambia supported the implementatiaon of continuing education at the district hospital level and support for nurses during maternal death review.  She designed and participated in Zambian-based studies to assess rural emergency obstetrical and neonatal care, the use of pulse oximetry to assess the use of oxygen therapy, the training of midwives in the use of ultrasound in rural health centers and the implementation of the use of simulation to teach midwifery students at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.  In Bangladesh, Dr. Tyer-Viola provided monitoring and evaluation as well as bedside teaching of a continuing education program for bedside nurses.  This program is currently being replicated to implement a Bone Marrow Transplant program at Dhaka Medical College.  She is a Nurse Consultant with Partners in Health in Haiti, Malawi, and Mexico.  Dr. Tyer-Viola is supporting the advancement of nursing with Partners in Health at the university hospital in Mirebalais in Haiti.  She is helping to implement safety huddles to assess census and staffing, develop an acuity tool and overall quality metrics for nursing.  This challenge in the US becomes a mountain to climb in a low resource nursing setting such as Haiti.

Dr Tyer-Viola has expanded her research interest to include evaluation with technology for early detection of hemorrhage and sepsis in women and neonates. Blending her clinical expertise with an understanding of the local and global need, she hopes to assess with an interdisciplinary team, the sensitivity of a new physiological monitor to avert maternal and neonatal  morbidity and mortality in low and high risk settings.

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