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I am so glad I decided to complete a General Studies degree at TWU.  It was the best way for me to leverage my transfer credits from my AAS degree, finish my studies in Business, while also exploring various other disciplines under the Women’s Studies concentration.
 - Laura Heatwole, TWU Alumni 2010

I absolutely love the General Studies degree program! It gives me the opportunity to study multiple subject areas at the same time. Having the ability of taking my classes online has also helped me maintain some normalcy to my life working full time and being a full time student.
 - Kimberly Montgomery

I feel empowered knowing that I have a college degree.  General studies degree will open up opportunities that previously were not available to me with just having some college hours. 
 - Frances Al-Waely

TWU's General Studies Program has allowed me to get back on track and finish my degree after an extended time away from school. As an older student, I feel that it allows me to maximize my time in college!
 - Carla Morgan

General Studies gave me the opportunity to focus on multiple interests of study, while still earning a a degree that has allowed me to continue my education.  The General Studies staff and department communicated and advised effectively, which put me on the road to a successful academic career, at Texas Woman's University.
 - Natalie Holovach

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the General Studies program! It has given me the freedom to study my own areas of interest with the option of three concentration areas, while providing me with a solid foundation of core classes. I have gained an overall great knowledge base through Texas Woman's University and their General Studies degree program.
 - Rebecca Bowlen

I have truly enjoyed the General Studies Program.  I have found the professors to be awesome and I have learned so much. The on-line internet study gives me the freedom I need to focus on my courses when I have the time. I haven't had any difficulty is staying focused or disciplined in the courses.  As a matter of fact, I find I am more attentive because I do not have any classroom distractions.
 - Maryellen Crawford

This has been a well-rounded option for me to complete my Bachelor's degree after having completing my Associate's degree in a technical field.  The staff who work in the BGS program have been very supportive all the way through my past two years in the program!
 - Donna Glover

I've really enjoyed the GS curriculum.  Although this is a online course, it is have proved to be both challenging and rewarding.  Once finished, I am certain that I will be more marketable and knowledgeable in my field. 
 - Angelette Armstrong-Lindsey

The General Studies Program is very flexible and allowed me to finish my degree after all these years.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the online classes were as stimulating and challenging as the class room learning. It does take more self discipline and time managment skills but it is well worth the effort. 
 - Sam Armstrong

Being a graduate of the BGS program has opened endless possibilities! Currently, I am pursuing my Masters here at TWU in the Family Studies program! My goal is to one day be an advocate for abused and neglected children! The concentrations that I chose in the BGS program laid a great foundation for those goals!
 - Tammy Reid

General Studies, has opened my eyes up to a wide variety of subjects to choose from to fulfill my career goal. As I continue in my studies, it makes me want to continue my educational goal of obtaining a Master's degree. I am delighted I started this program.
 - Helena Cromwell

I have loved the BGS program at TWU! There is no other program that would work with my family’s busy lifestyle and schedule like TWU’s General Studies! I didn’t have to sacrifice my family in order to achieve my dream of achieving my Bachelor’s. The advisors were awesome too! Anytime I had a question about anything, I was able to get a quick response from the BGS team (especially love that Brandie!).  Thanks to BGS and TWU I will be walking across the stage this May…can’t wait!!!
 - Larry Tibbits

The General Studies program has allowed me to continue my education while working fulltime and being a fulltime mother all at the same time. The program is very convenient for anyone with a busy schedule. The flexibility of the program allows you to work on your own time and at your own pace, but of course there has to be strong time management so that you don't lose focus.
 - Jomara Tiburcio

The General Studies program allowed me to diversify my interest. Instead of concentrating on one discipline, I had three.  I am now using those focus areas to become a certified teacher with three areas of certification instead of one. 
 - Shirley Grantham

General Studies has allowed me to go to college at a good University, (TWU) by taken online classes 100%.  I still get to interact with the other students through Black Board. I have a different Professor for each class that instructs and teaches the course; that I can also interact with by asking questions and getting a response. I have been privileged to attend Texas Woman’s University and I look forward to graduating soon.
 - Barbara Smith

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